Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oCAutoLoadInternal component handling automatic file inclusion when instantiating new classes
oCConfigStores all configuration options of an application
oCControllerBase for all application controllers
oCCookieUser cookie wrapper
oCDatabaseConnectionDatabase abstraction, containing all the defined methods
oCDatabaseConnectionMysqlDatabase MySql connection
oCDataBaseMySqlDatabase MySql connection
oCDebugOffers support for debugging php errors, displaying variables, and other messages within a web application. All these features are turned off when the website enters production mode
oCDispersionBase for core classes and libraries within the framework
oCEmptyFieldExceptionThrown when a required form field is empty
oCErrorMain error handling class
oCFileDownloadOutputs file contents directly to browser, hiding the actual path of the file
oCFileNotFoundExceptionThrown when trying to access a file that does not exist or is in a different path
oCFileUploadHtml form file upload manager
oCFlashMaintains a users state while they browse the application
oCFormHtml form wrapper
oCFormValidationMinimizes form validation code
oCIllegalArgumentExceptionThrown when a required argument is empty, or a wrong number of arguments is sent
oCImageImage wrapper. Offers support between image-format conversions, resizing, watermarking and quality management
oCIncompleteActionExceptionThrown when an action could not complete
oCIndexOutOfBoundsExceptionThrown when trying to access an index of an array that is not set
oCInvalidArgumentTypeExceptionThrown when a file upload did not succeed for some reason
oCInvalidFieldExceptionThrown when validating an incorrect form
oCInvalidFileTypeExceptionThrown when a file type requested is not permitted
oCLoaderManages the config file, loads required classes and parses the url
oCLogLogs data to specified files
oCModelMySql query abstractions. Base for all database models
oCNodeGeneral node for tree like structures
oCNoPermissionExceptionThrown when a system action is requested that php does not have permissions for
oCPageNotFoundExceptionThrown when a page requested is not found
oCPaginationProvides automatic pagination generation. Modifies sql query to limit items
oCPayPalProvides a paypal interface wrapper
oCPhpVersionExceptionThrown when a required method cannot be used with the installed version of php
oCRssRss file wrapper
oCSessionUser session manager
oCSqlDateTimeDate and date-time to sql format conversion
oCTagHtml tag
oCTemplateProvides control over view files
oCUploadFileExceptionThrown when a file upload did not succeed for the reason present within the thrown exception.
\CUrlUrl manager