To install Dispersion, just download the most recent version from github and extract the archive to your webserver. By default, the homepage is available, but that will work only after you make some changes to the configuration file.


In order for our homepage to work, we need to configure the database settings. In your framework folder, go to application/config/config.php, and set up the following settings :

Config::db( 'driver', 'mysql' ); // database you will be using
Config::db( 'database', '' ); //the database you will use
Config::db( 'host', '' ); //the database host, usually this is set to localhost
Config::db( 'user', '' ); //the user of the database
Config::db( 'password', '' ); //password for the user

For any other changes in your configuration file you can find a complete guide here.

So, now that these settings have been set properly, you can test to see if the installation went through successfully by going to the location you installed the framework at, with your webbrowser. You should see the following message :

Welcome to the homepage
This is the home controller, you can edit this file in "application/controllers" directory.

If you do not see the message, or if you have received an error, please check to see if you have made all of the above changes correctly or if your server is running properly.

The next section deals with creating the first application